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Voir le document au format PDF A-Indigenous Children and the Legacy and Current Impacts of the Boarding School Policies in the United States and the Lack of Redress, Restitution and Restoration by the United States to Address these Impacts or to Acknowledge Responsibility for Them. B-The Continued Removal of Indigenous Children from Their Families and Communities and its Impact on The Right to Culture
Donald WHARTON Denise LAJIMODIERE Danika LITTLECHILD Addie SMITH - -Native American Rights Fund Legal Counsel to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, International Indian Treaty Council and National Indian Child Welfare Association
05.Treaty Bodies|CERD|2014 - 85th|United States of America|Indigenous and other organizations -
EN -
GEO|United States of America , Children , Child abuse , Assimilation policy , Cultural rights
Voir le document au format PDF Statement
Carolyn BENNETT - -Canada Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs
04.Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues|2016|04-Implementation of the six mandated areas of the Permanent Forum -
EN -
UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues , GEO|Canada , Human Rights
Voir le document au format PDF Statement
Juan RAMIREZ DAWKINS - -The Native Peoples Movement for self-determination from San Andres Islands, Colombia
04.Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues|2002|06e-Human rights (Review of activities of the UN system) -
EN -
UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues , Colonization , Discrimination , Environmental degradation , Self-determination