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Немного о коллекции

This database provides access to the collection of monographs (and some serials) present in doCip. You can browse by title, author and symbol (which allows to organize and find the physical documents). By clicking on the pdf icon next to each record, you will access the tables of contents of the books. In the event that an electronic version is available, we add the link to access it directly.

In our center, the documents are organized physically by geographic region (with a space "Universal" for documents that do not relate to a particular region). Within each region, there is a thematic classification. For example, a paper on extractive industries in the United States or Canada, will have a symbol as follows: NA 3.3 (NA for North America and 3.3 for Extractive Industries). The rating is supplemented by the first three letters of the author or title of the book when there is no author stated.

Details of the classification (symbols) :
Regions :
  • U = Universal
  • AF = Africa
  • AS = Asia
  • AR = Artic
  • NA = North America
  • SA = South America
  • PA = Pacific (Pacifique)
  • RU = Eastern Europe & former USSR
Main subjects (inside each region)
  • 0-General
  • 1-Rights, Treaties, Conventions
  • 2-Self-determination, self-government, development
  • 3-Land and Natural Ressources
  • 4-Traditional Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Culture
  • 5-Identity and Physical Integrity

Each topic is divided into sub-themes

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