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Немного о коллекции

The database "Online Documentation" includes:

In the "References and Training":

  • Essential Documents: The Martínez-Cobo report, Erica Daes and Miguel A. Martínez' reports, among others
  • Documents detailing the process of adoption of the UNDRIP
  • Other statements made by indigenous organizations in international meetings
  • Training and reference documents
  • In "Conferences" :

    • The Permanent Forum from the beginning (2002) and the preliminary documents
    • The Working Group on Indigenous Populations
    • The Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    • and other conferences of interest to indigenous peoples, such as the UPR and the sessions of the Human Rights Council

    We have also created the possibility to watch as a group all the documents produced by an indigenous organization, government or an international organization in all bodies mentioned

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