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The main section of our on-line collection: interventions, statements, tutorials, reports, resolutions, references and much more. All the documents can be searched for by author, title, content, etc.

Docip's Publications

Docip's Publications are a compilation of the two types of publication that Docip edits and publishes: the Summary Notes (summaries of UN conferences on Indigenous Peoples' rights), and the Update (a newsletter on issues raised by Indigenous Peoples at the international level).

The 6 Iroquois nations at the League of Nations

From 1922, Deskaheh, a representative of the Six Nations Council, sought to bring the cause of his people (the Haudenosaunee) to the attention of the League of Nations (the predecessor of the United Nations). This collection of documents covers the period 1922 - 1933.

Our Documentation Center in Geneva


There are over 1000 monographs in the Documentation Center. They can be searched for by author, title, and table of contents and can be consulted in person at the Documentation Center (by appointment) or on-line.


Docip holds issues from over 70 specialized journals, the tables of contents of which can be searched online.

Documents by region

This is a bibliography of hard-copy documents collected by Docip and placed in its Documentation Center in Geneva. The bibliography is arranged by region and subject.